Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

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Dawn Elizabeth Waters is a freelance writer, author of two books, and a real estate broker who studied sports administration at Stetson University. She make a living selling homes in the Metro Orlando area and providing wellness coaching services to women.

A Detroit native, Dawn was married for nearly 17 years before realizing she was a lesbian and began a new journey moving through life again. She enjoys supporting LGBTQ causes, coaching youth sports, writing, and promoting peace, love and kindness in the world.

Dealing with change is something we can all relate to regardless of our gender, race, creed, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation. When my life changed, so did the lives of my family and friends. What happened to me, happened to us all.

In 2011, I began what would be one of the most difficult yet liberating experiences of my life. I was a married, stay at home mother of three, and realized I was not living authentically. My book, Switching Teams, documented how life looked, felt, and changed after I came out as a lesbian at 39.

In 2017, I became a widow when my wife, Yvette, died suddenly. Once again, everything changed. Her legacy of love, optimism, and the search for peace. She loved without condition and lived without regret. The lessons from her life are too valuable not to share. My new book, Moving Through…Lessons in Grief, Love, Courage, and Making Peace with the Past published by High Top Books, was released in October 2019.

The writing process is exciting and challenging on many levels. My inspiration for the book is Yvette’s courage and fortitude. Pushing myself through the process of dealing with grief and loss is my tribute to her. Moving Thought also became a memoir of my own journey towards fuller self awareness, finding authenticity, and realization of many emotional roadblocks while reflecting on my own life’s past and present. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the support received from near and far.

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